Prawns prefer high volume low pressure water treatment for growout post nursery…

OK – so in shrimp hatcheries high pressure pumping systems are the norm. Sand filtration and all that….however…

Prawnmaster started in 1983 running a 250 hectare land-based high water volume low pressure open air shrimp farm in 1983.

Three years later Prawnmaster engineered his own vannamei hatchery.

The engineering was/is high water pressure precision for hatcheries.

Jump forward almost 40 years and after a 20 year spate away from shrimp RAS designs (yes Germany/Japan/China 2001) and whilst working/learning the downstream shrimp industry sector Prawnmaster has now over 12 months working with European leading commercial RAS shrimp operations.

These are mainly built around fish designs and high pressure low volume engineering. Very expensive to build and operate.

In shrimp grow-out high volume movement required. NOT high pressure.


– Tropical shrimp RAS are not the same as for fish.

– Low pressure high volume RAS systems more efficient and cheaper to run – both in capex and opex.

– Tank insulation must be appropriate.

– Maximal use of sun and light in energy calculations. Direct capture of heat.

– Recirculate water. Use IMTA conditioning.

– Zero discharge.