Food is largest traded good on this planet…seafood is the most delicate…from aquaculture is now over 50% of traded seafood. But, did you know, prawn was the USFDA test bed for the concept of HACCP in food…

There you have it – shrimp are pioneering in the technology. Food safety and quality.

While the salmon boys back at Marine Harvest International (MHI now MOWI) salmon sector were pushing UK ISO we were pushing USFDA.

MHI chosen as foreign seafood export partner to test the commercial concept of HACCP together with USFDA and a US university.

Prawnmaster proud to be involved in the testing and development of this as processing plant manager at the MHI owned shrimp facility in Ecuador.

After sale of MHI HACCP technology transfer was made initially to Industrial Pesquera Santa Priscila (IPSP). Then as a whole across the Ecuadorian shrimp and banana processing industry.

HACCP technology and principals then taken up globally by the food (and other industries).