With co-operation of the most advanced prawn RAS grow-out facility in Europe…

Video below of how shrimp not only cannot swallow but also breaks the feed down into smaller particles.

This has now been closely researched at a commercial 10MT/year RAS in Germany that has undertaken R&D on seed, feed, engineering, water quality, automation – you name it – while weekly supplying fixed volume contracted commercial end consumer offerings to retail.

Freshly delivered, clean deck (zero chemicals used) with 14 day shelf life.

Underwater cameras, aeration, oxygen, automated parameter control, water quality and bacterial management, algae, probiotics, automated harvesting, electric stunning, MAP for retail.

Working with multiple partners (private, universities, global) on production technologies and application to commercial RAS shrimp farming in EU.

Well done Prawnhopper – has been a privilege supporting these past 12 months in various game changing shrimp RAS developments.