RAS prawn consumer products in European supermarkets since early this year…production output stabilized and supply chain problems solved…


Patrick J. Wood, a vannamei shrimp aquaculture, processing and packing expert, re-entered RAS commercial shrimp culture operational support in Europe in 2021 since his first foray in 2000 working with German equipment manufacturers supplying the Danish eel industry developing systems and when RAS technology was still in its infancy.

Issues around shrimp RAS culture in 2021 in Europe were mainly about seed, feed and appropriate technology – these problems were addressed accordingly and have been solved.

RAS Talk: What’s the deal with shrimp RAS?

The next problem in late 2022 Europe was market entry. With his shrimp processing expertise – Marine Harvest (Mowi) shrimp packing and export manager, CNA and IPSP consultant, Ecuador, downstream secondary processing and retailer supply chain expertise in Europe – Patrick J. Wood worked closely with his German client, Damm Aquakultur, to implement the technology that solved the problem of how to deliver quality shelf stable fresh headson shrimp using zero chemical treatment into European supermarkets.

By 2023 thus the supply chain technical issues had also been solved and commercial delivery and continuity to German retailer is guaranteed.

While European markets can absorb large amounts of headson shrimp the perspective for the USA is different where headson is more a niche offering and processed, peeled is the bulk volume sold. This could be the biggest challenge for shrimp RAS growth in the USA.

Shrimp in general is in a ‘boom’ phase – for the past 20 years – and has always been land based with RAS just being the latest iteration of a logical technology progression albeit closer to market offering locally grown, sustainable, zero antibiotic and chemical free shrimp.

Anyone interested in investments and market entry in Europe (or globally) in this new shrimp RAS wave, should not hesitate to get in touch with Patrick J. Wood for further insight and real commercial operational information.