Phanorods to the rescue… controlled phage therapy by photothermal ablation of specific bacterial species using gold nanorods targeted by chimeric phages…

Yes – potential application as sterilization in aquaculture and for food safety….

Prawn farming as it currently stands is self insured……not for the faint hearted.

Insurance companies should stick to their strategies but don’t expect the industry to turn from being a high risk high reward industries to be involved in – not for the faint hearted the industry tends to be sufficiently successful (global Trade figures) and staying basically being self insured – no requirement for controls proposed.

Nothing is that quantifiable (yet!) in nutrient rich shrimp culture water.

The subject of insurance in shrimp farming was broached decades ago – and discarded. The shrimp industry, the most valuable species within aquaculture measured by global revenue, is effectively uninsurable because of dubious farming methods and high levels of disease.

Prawn toilets need targeted current flow management…… concentrate…

To disperse concentrated shrimp pond solids and directionalize in pond currents towards a solid removals system a highly energy efficient robotically managed system on floats can inject air/oxygen, deliver benthic feed gently and move solid particles with its automatic sensor reading, pond mapping, history and 100% coverage software.

Dispersal, aeration, oxygenation plus feeding passes mode available with 2016 prototype.

In background on wall counter current for live fish trials
hehehe – test running system – 17 years delay

Prawn pioneer Peter Shayne’s beach house for sale Punta Blanca, Ecuador for $1m.

Ground rates (gated community w/full on security, gardener, etc) – $12,000/annum.

560 sq. mts. construction. 1827 sq. mts land.

Interests contact Prawnmaster.

Prawn : Feed Input Toilet Out – FITO…..not to be mixed with FIFO.

Well its also about getting the right current in the right direction to centralize the wastes and not get any dead spots.

The size of feed pellet, delivery and frequency pattern also plays its part.

Shrimp being benthic feeder bottom delivery within a slow gentle current would be most appropriate.