New report shows increasing momentum behind sustainable seafood | Marine Stewardship Council

With 15% of global fisheries MSC now – good improvement.

Fisheries are a peaked resource – so going sustainable is the only way to maintain current volumes from diminishing. Stewardship is necessary.

For real long term sustainable growth in seafood look to aquaculture. A non peaked resource.

Luckily there are also many other labelling/certification organisations and pressure groups promoting sustainable seafood from other grounds and via other assessments.


Worm burgers are vegetarian – so says BBC News video clip…

Panorama on BBC1

The best take out from the Panorama documentary this last evening was the suggestion that all food should have mandatory environmental labelling.

Meat and dairy industry got a beating.

Alternative, of course, is to eat low impact shrimp……….they are just marine bugs and a transition food to insects.

No need for the burger meat replacement bit.

Colombians holders of Guinness record for world’s largest shrimp cocktail…

2009 UK

2011 Mexico

2015 Colombia

Questions remain as to whether a farmed prawn is the right ingredient for a shrimp cocktail as traditionally one uses coldwater prawn and a prawn cocktail sauce mix.

So were these maybe shrimp ceviches rather than cocktails?

Supposed history of prawn cocktail here

Risk and reward: Rabobank’s projections for the shrimp sector | The Fish Site

All over the place..

…….”current producers will need to embrace new technologies and production techniques to survive.. ”

Maybe those entering yes but RAS technology not proven yet to any scale and sustainability yet! Hence yes, be wary investors.

According to Rabobank’s analysis, shrimp aquaculture is defined by two competing forces – disease and technology.

Not at all! With fast t/o, ability to ramp up production and frozen shelf life of 18 months markets define stocking densities or other species used. Or change business. In markets if prices go too high consumers eat chicken.

“Shifting trade patterns” – Vietnam as halfway house for value addition? Real reason why Thailand industry collapsed? Ecuador has always been a major producer.

In fact, trading shrimp globally for over 10 years Prawnmaster can emphatically state that where Ecuadorian vannamei prices went Thailands (and rest of SE Asia) prices would follow….

Cannot see any mega price correction either currently.

Finally the author suggests intensification as way forward but also says “Genetic advancement will also allow shrimp farmers to embrace extensive production.

Talk about covering all odds….

Guess thats what analysts do but for life of me cannot see any insights other than what is already out there and, furthermore, no clear guidance for investors except risky and profitable long term – so new entrants be aware.

Shrimp industry is not that requiring of investors who do not want to go all the way. Those wanting to dip toes could get burnt.

FISHERIES…and aquaculture is thrown in there as well!…..World and OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2017-2026

Try this for size…

Aquaculture forecast +25%. 

Growth for fish from capture, fish meal and fish oil +/- 0%

Well, well, well……or a move of current fishmeal usages away from other sectors (how many remember fish tasting like chicken in the 1970’s in the UK)……or more efficient feed conversion rates……..or possibly, slack taken up by alternative raw material developments. 

My sincere wish is that by 2026 global shrimp aquaculture becomes more circular and less dependent on Ocean resources. 

Genome-edited bull passes hornless gene to calves

So far, only one genetically modified animal has successfully navigated the US regulatory approval process – the AquaAdvantage salmon.

Still waiting for our vannamei to shed antennae to allow for higher density culture.

Don’t ever see a shrimp with one head two tails coming to fruition though…

BBC News – Genome-edited bull passes hornless gene to calves