Prawn Europe…12 months down the road..

Congratulations to Prawnhopper at what has be considered the most technically advanced commercially succesfull shrimp operation.

Prawnmaster has enjoyed the journey and 2022 results.

Plenty of full on real live work here covering all disciplines vertically and horizontally. Everything available has been tested and tried. Feed, seed, shrimp culture technologies. Latest equipment. Live algae, all local feeds, minerals, energy inputs, post harvest technologies.

Product succesfully and sustainably placed in German retail and foodservice market.

Business technology commercial SOPs in place.

Expansion for 2023. Gases energy feed.

Prawnmaster at Sven Damm shrimp facility..

PrawnMaster on The Business of Aquaculture…

It’s not always about the prawn…

Musically Prawnmaster picked up a vinyl LP from a second hand store by chance in Croydon, South London in the mid 1970’s.

Then it went to dance DJ’ing the best track on the album. Used to kickstart wild parties south London – Persian Iranian mansions were the most exotic. Execs working US Tech startups in the NLA Tower 1975…say no more, Purley actually, famous, know what I mean…nudge, nudge…

The dance song was Sultans of Swing and went viral in London. Required a new print run and kept Dire Straits together.

So, please listen to this Manchester UK band…The Courteeners…remastered from 15 years ago…