Separating aquaculture from fisheries in seafood

Fisheries are a peaked resource.

Aquaculture is a non peaked resource.

Linking aquaculture to a fished seafood is non sensical.

Any current link is purely via fishmeal made from fish not even edible for humans – so cannot really be classed as seafood.

Since no growth in fishing but fabulous growth in aquaculture seafood industry wants to keep aquaculture under its wing.

Negative image of fisheries in ethical and responsibility issues.

Better aquaculture be separated from aquaculture.


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Why India went down vannamei route

I don’t have scientific proof for this but I was involved in setting up a frozen meal kit station in Kerala, India back in 2005.

Helped in things like selecting appropriate processing equipment for dicing local vegetables, NPD, even had a go at making one with the local paratha bread. Could not get the right spin on it though 🙂 

Frozen skillet meal kits based on shrimp were being made for US markets. 

Blanched and frozen shrimp, color soaked with beetroot dye of course and blanched for food safety quality assurance – which is more or less same as reason cannot buy raw crayfish tails out of China!  

Shrimp from local fisheries already big US salad shrimp business out of India. 

Of course back in the day and before my time shrimp out of India used to be canned. Just like pineapples.

Local shrimp in meal kit was later discarded for imported frozen vannamei as more a shrimp US markets are used to. Then push was made for local vannamei source – which meant India had to get into vannamei shrimp farming.

We used local vegetable all found in higher elevations inland. Diced and frozen.
Frozen sauces in cubes and pasta initially from Italy but moved to lower cost commodity pricing out of Argentina with fx advantages

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