Tumultuous Prawn – it’s a vision thing…

A shrimp transfer pump with counting possibilities via vision.

Hopefully another service to the industry to help it get more efficient – like automated electricity input control and automated acoustic shrimp feeding.

Quite a few transfer pumps used already. Counters and vision things less – more for fish.

Would be nice to see test results…and costs…the Sincere Shrimp Biomass counter..



How automatic prawn feeders impact water and soil quality of grow-out ponds in Ecuador.

– As long as shrimp have somewhere to go in pond where DO is not low then they will do that.

– Vertical destratification of water column needed? Paddlewheels not best technology (but simplest/cheapest for required job)

– Mobile acoustic feeders that have capacity to be moved every week to new zone in pond may help?


Famished prawn down to poor husbandry…not the first intelligent aquafarm to use hydrophones…Microsoft tries to better feed the fish on a prawn farm…