Prawnmaster humus tasting – microbiome trained soil scientist…

Seriously humus. Yes – not biofloc but humus.

In clearwater water shrimp culture. Secchi disk in tank..

Catalyzing The Blue Revolution: why would investors want to Turn the Tide on Aquaculture?

Key Takeaway is:

Aquaculture is the fastest-growing form of food production and the source of half the world’s seafood—and most forecasts project continued growth as the global population swells to 10 billion people by 2050.

So why is there a need to turn the tide? Is this another attempt at profile raising? The Blue revolution (aquaculture) has been ongoing now for almost 40 years.

Is this for late comers to the party? Investors who are being told at every opportunity that there are novel disruptive steps possible to an industry that was developed as a disruption to fishing for seafood?

Report here

Maybe shrimp are not as blue as fish….

Rough start for UK land-based shrimp farm as virus forces cull….sounds more like stress inducing husbandry, handling and logistics followed by clean up……

It says mortality of over 50% on arrival…..sounds like bad handling to prawnmaster. Removing dead is standard practice. Confused with cull?

One does not cull shrimp – a fishy term.

If system is biosecure then no threat of this stress provoked problem reaching outside facility so no need to cull. Just continue growout. Standing at 12% survival currently.

With commercial logistics, systems, feed review.

Three things to note.

So much for biosecurity, OIE and buying from only approved US sources.

Prawnmaster has continuely argued that the US SPF program for vannamei is compromised. Vannamei is not even endemic to that country.

Secondly – why the word “cull”? If there is a risk to a local population then nothing less of total destruction with a zero discharge policy should be in place – but if that were case it would show biosecurity lapse in system. A cull of shrimp in a system is removing dead ones. So with over 50% dying on arrival not really a cull more a clean up is my guess.

Sounds like they need some Prawnmaster advice….

Proper handling and correct feed should do it….and, buying vannamei seed from Europe in future or use 12% survivors as base line for breeding?