Aerial view shrimp farm, Guinee West Africa – 1998

……and where we found huge wild Black Tiger (BT) gravid females.

These BT were probably from an experimental project and kept holding on to their fertilized eggs (closed thelycum so can!) due to poor spawning conditions. Coastal waters with very high turbidity.

Currently big wild catch off west Africa as BT settles into new area.

Shrimp industry leading the way in seafood with SOP’s for risk management on transmission of infectious diseases….1993

Use of facemasks and gloves on a shrimp product that is then frozen (first food safety step) and cooked before eating (second food safety step). 1993

Prawn is close to the ideal proto-insect protein source.


North Korea tests submarine-capable missile fired from sea

In Guinée in 1999 it was the North Koreans who had the licences for fishing the waters and undertook major offshore fishing operations in West Africa.

We found exotic Black Tigers in the local waters and the North Koreans had the kit but did not see any submarine activity.

Anyone’s guess if this impinged on today’s situation of low coastal catches noted in West Africa.

Investment in aquaculture is surely a solution. Tilapia growing fast at this site.

Why Africa should ‘stop eating one of its favourite foods’ – and

Prawnmaster suggests that some of this local grain is promoted into aquaculture in Africa. Tilapia is it. Catfish as well.

Especially to support local fish famers with local raw material.

No to imports of feedstock ingredients.

FAO knows this and governments are starting to see apps at local levels. Fish in Africa needs boosting and if food conversion ratios can get one-to-one that is target. One kg pap = 1 kg fish….

Also using wastes to achieve more local circular economy…..

Shrimp/prawn will have to wait it’s day.

BBC News – Why Africa should ‘stop eating one of its favourite foods’

Africa shrimp focused food security solution – eat prawn!

Fishing stocks in Africa have been decimated. How about eating shrimp/prawn instead?

Wild sustainable population of introduced exotic black tiger monodon shrimp are now found off the coast of west Africa and at local artesanal and industrial volumes.

Promotion of prawn in African end consumer market is what is required now. Prawn meat is a healthy nutritious complete local protein source.

NEPAD, UNFAO and African countries please take note. Promotion of eating prawn protein locally as a compact complete nutritional packet should be encouraged.

Support local food security and also alleviate coastal community poverty in Africa – eat prawn.

Processing farmed shrimp, Republique Guinée Conakry, SaKoba, Boffa. 1998 Balzo equipment from Ecuador. African Development Bank project.