Microbiome- altering Alzheimer’s unexpectedly approved in China…marine seaweed derived…

Green Valley Announces NMPA Approval Of Oligomannate For Mild To Moderate Alzheimer’s Disease

Imagine the health story possible when shrimp aquaculture moves to algal as protein for raw material.

It is starting slow with fishoil replacements.

Human health – the microbiome.

Usefulness of weekly shrimp portion.


The alternative aquafeed ingredient market….

….as a raw material for marine feed in shrimp aquaculture this is an interesting market direction for algae cultivators.

Prawnmaster supports shrimp technology advancements that not only separate the culture from its environment (as in RAS) but that also replaces all fishmeal and oils (all marine fished proteins) with farmed, land based, lab grown or recycled options.

Algae culture is great candidate and already is used in extensive shrimp culture operations.

The flap of a butterfly wing – Brazil, meat, soy…..and shrimp trace-ability.

An interesting view here on the politics of Amazon fires……

…..and Africa has more ongoing fires than the Amazon.

But the lungs of the planet surely are the Oceans…..

Take out for shrimp…

  1. Eat less red meat – try eating more shrimp as better for the planet.
  2. Don’t buy or grow shrimp on unsustainable non-certified soy from Brazil. Check origins.
  3. Buy only non exotic shrimp grown in semi-intensive systems where algae is also grown.

Preferred food for shrimp – bio-film !

Yes as scavengers and omnivores bio-film (floc) is a favourite

Shrimp also very good at helping clean water and love algae!

So bacterial and algal meal it is then……..micro-organisms.

Note – link is more aquarium trade orientated.

This luxury ice cream is made from insects…

Insects are non sentient. Says so on CNN.

Shrimp are the ancestors of insects…shrimp are, effectively, marine insects.

Farming shrimp is good coastal blue carbon capture as well as minimal water usage for protein production.


Researchers Create First Portable Tech For Detecting Cyanotoxins In Water | NC State News

Not so relevant for shrimp aquaculture but interesting in general on IoT going forward…


Blinded by the light….



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