Fish scales could make wearable electronics more sustainable…

Without being shellfish…

BlueNalu nets $20M to produce cell-based fish for a test market in 2021

Fully support this as Mahi Mahi is species that is not able to be domesticated.

We tried capturing adults and juveniles in Ecuador in the 1990’s for Japanese scientists. Full oxygen gear, fish stretchers, acclimitized water. All Mahi Mahi we brought back did not make it.

However, fish still alive and flapping on bottom of boat at end of day were some amberjacks (Seriola) we had caught at same time at our marked FAD point. Very surprised scientists – but a hardy species makes for a good candidate for aquaculture so we suggested to try.

Sure enough they ate pelleted feed immediately when put into tanks at local shrimp hatchery.

Milk, beef representatives urge seafood industry to join fight……..shrimp cannot see added benefits to existing framework

Instead of worrying about a competition can we not just promote shrimp as being a healthy alternative protein from red meat.

Shrimp markets growing fast enough, by some accounts faster than the plant based sector, and with……

…..farmed shrimp considered a perfect protein frame and resultant healthy packet cultured in nutrient rich bio-reactor (the pond).

….and also seperated from sea caught fished (hunted) shrimp.

… well as actually seperated from being a ‘fish’ thank you very much.

Boston Seafood Show 2020 – turns away alt, fake or non seafood….

Well of course – you won’t find chicken, beef or dairy promoted at Boston Seafood Show either now would you…….as expected and crying foul will not help.

Dark side of plant-based food…..

hmmmm……..dark side……more about the money……vegan wars..

…on the cusp of the fastest, deepest, most consequential disruption of agriculture in history.

Haha – shrimp aquaculture already is a disruptive force in seafood – disruptive to industrial fishing.

10% y-o-y growth – shrimp industry is looking at 7%. Plenty of room for all. Let’s keep to the bright side of the road

Fish farming can feed most of world…

Well of course if Norwegian Prime Minister says so….

Still shrimp farming is not to be overlooked….not only for its cost effective productivity and size compated to salmon but also because farmed shrimp are omniverous (so no need the insects) and have, unlike salmon, lifted millions out of poverty.

Game changers – the movie. Well worth a look at……but what about the whales?

Game changers the movie link here.

While it makes sense to follow the dietary route shown on the film documentary and fish farming gets short thrift there are no discussions on the prawn!

Lest we forget shrimp are not fish. A different narrative is slowly being grown around shrimp to take it to next level in healthy nutritional foods.

The premise of that ‘strong as an Ox’ – and who has seen Ox eat meat. Elephants and Rhinos the same. Yes great and all well and good for land based animals but, guess what, the biggest and most impressive mammal on this planet eats…….well yes shrimp !

Without shrimp one would not have whales.

Looking forward to developing further and seeing how shrimp performs in the protein space. You may be surprised.

Starting with don’t try this at home – until you have genetically reached your growth potential……..and then fine.