BBC News – Plant-based diet can fight climate change – UN

So where does aquaculture sit in all this?

Specifically shrimp is an obvious good choice. Plankton, grown in majority of shrimp ponds, absorb carbon.

Can shrimp protein also help fight climate change….or, at very least, have a positive positioning relative to other proteins out there.


Solar Foods makes protein out of thin air: ‘This is the most environmentally friendly food there is’

Sounds like bacterial floc derivative.

States it has complete amino acid profile – for humans? For animal feed?

Don’t think it is the most environmentally friendly food there is at all….but riding the wave.

Insects…descendants of shrimp.

….so why not just eat the shrimp?

BBC News: Shrimp – Are these the foods millennials want to eat?

Shrimp will do it….

“….under-40s want “quick-fix health products that promise added vitamins, gut health, protein, relaxation” in an “affordable pocket-sized offering.

It’s the mindset that everything has to do something else, has to be multi-functional, in this smartphone generation – and that goes for food and drink as well,”

Ricky Gervais’s Favorite Brewery Is Opening a Vegan Cafe…

…not my favourite comedian but glad to see his favourite brewery supports cruelty free farming by offering shrimp on skewers at its “Inconceivable Cafe” opening in August…

AgTech Landscape 2019: 1,600+ Startups Innovating on the Farm and in the ‘Messy Middle’ – AgFunderNews

Mindful of how shrimp farming is progressing keeping an eye on other food tech is a transferable monitoring strategy..