The 500-million-year-old relationship between prawns and bacteria…

The 500-million-year-old reason behind the unique scent of rain

Geosmin giving the off flavour (but not for the African palate) in farmed tilapia.

…..and can give musty odour to shrimp under poor husbandry and harvesting technologies.

Pesky persistant bacteria…AMR.

Its not the viruses but the bacteria that are deadly.

Learning to live with them means good husbandry with balanced nutrition, washing hands after handling raw and well cooking prior to eating.

Loss of phenotypic inheritance associated with ydcI mutation leads to increased frequency of small, slow persisters in Escherichia coli.

Microbes in the prawns….

Understanding and managing your shrimp microbes is an essential line of development for the sector

Whichever culture system one uses prawn microbes are there…

Article about boosting yields…

Antibacterial liquid metals: Biofilm treatment via magnetic activation

Add this to the arsenal of chlorine, UV and ozone.

Bio-film build up on shrimp processing equipment and associated food safety important.

Phanorods to the rescue… controlled phage therapy by photothermal ablation of specific bacterial species using gold nanorods targeted by chimeric phages…

Yes – potential application as sterilization in aquaculture and for food safety….