The role of bacteria and viruses in world history – and the prawn…?

Alien cannibal Prawn on Jupiter…Juice launches today on the 13th April…results in 2031.

Bacteria inside the shrimps’ mouths and in specially evolved gill covers produce organic matter that feed the crustaceans…

Plastic, sunlight, bacteria, prawn – action!

As a soil scientist applying microbial bacterial technology to the marine environment Prawnmaster used old shrimp feed bags (polyethylene) in test shrimp nurseries (pre-criaderos) in Granmar, Ecuador 1984.

Also to emulate Algal Mats in shrimp hatcheries – as a way to increase surface area and biofilms for shrimp grazing.

Vannamei shrimp also grazing biofilms as a useful vitamins and supporting nutrition possibility – at least under SPR technologies – French as opposed to US SPF.