Speculation…on prawn association and bacterioplankton communities…

“speculated association was explained by the constant flow of rearing water through the digestive tract of growing shrimp, which thus influences the composition of gut microflora.”

Could it not be that the gut microfauna in the digestive tract seed the water with shrimp digestive tract bacteria in the continually expelled feces trails. Especially in a closed RAS.


If concentrated Prawn poo-poo and water is considered an organic pollutant then this should do the trick….

Ultrathin Covalent Organic Framework Anchored on Graphene for Enhanced Organic Pollutant Removal.

Just target the poo-poo profile…which can only be a factor of inputs and metabolism.


Prawn silver mining…

Is there a patent for collecting the silver from the water after passing through shrimp gut via feed or from leaching?

Could silver accumulation in RAS be a worry?