Submerged single-photon LiDAR imaging sensors for prawn mapping in RAS. For real-time 3D counting in scattering underwater environments…

Prawn mortality in culture…what is happening to all that dead biomass…?

So traditionally (on the theoretical production curves) it is 70% survival PL in nurseries and a further 70% in grow-out.

That is 50% survival during culture. As a basic starting measure rule-of-thumb.

Let’s make this a linear 3% per week. Each operator puts in his own numbers here anyway. We know it really is an S-curve for vanna with males starting to slow as they start up their sperm sacs around 10-12g.

But what happens to that 50% shrimp lost and what is that biomass calculation.

This daily mortality is more readily visible in RAS shrimp culture.

A calculation would suggest that mortality biomass over a 120 day culture could be as high as 50% of the kilos shrimp harvested – of course one would want 100% survival Zero mortality and a perfect 1:1 FCR.

Could shrimp grown in RAS get to less than 1:1 FCR under current setups?

More to be revealed later…

MLR, ANNs and SVM for biomass in prawn RAS…