Natural Shrimp USA with viral disease using US vannamei….

Blows a hole through the US SPF program….

Of interest is mode of entry of virus or is it omni-present just never expressed to detectable levels…..

….would have thought once ‘erradicated’ in system then exclusion and biosecurity works.

Gonna be interesting…


Ocean Swimming Alters Skin Microbiome….

….especially when swimming with shrimp being harvested…..

…those pesky tropical vibrios.

Does this mean I could dose my pool to alter my skin microbiome? In a positive healthy fashion? Healthy swimming in a Spa? Mud baths and all lablab…,-Increasing

Antibiotics found in some of the world’s rivers exceed ‘safe’ levels, global study finds – News and events, The University of York

A concern for Bangladeshi freshwater prawn and even shrimp farmers?

Actually a worry for market consumers, exporters and importers.

Recalls have happened in past and EU monitoring has led to bans.

Biosecurity used to expand commodity vannamei shrimp farming.

Countries where regulations are in place that now don’t allow farmers to grow local shrimp species !

……only allowed to grow SPF vannamei.

Saudi Arabia & South Korea.

Supposedly because local species are susceptible to diseases and not SPF.

Neat barrier to entry supporting monoculture SPF technology. Using the OIE.

This is not so good for biodiversity surely – a hot current market and global discussion.