Confessions of a prawn farmer…Jack (aka Bruce) from down under…nicely done!

Yes, part of the job is injecting yourself with shrimp vibrio and staph among other bacteria held as biofilm on their shell and rostra…not unlike fighting off a scorpion sting…

Astounding prawn stories – was it always SciFi? Is PSD still a pipe dream?

Outperformance of Black Tiger in 10 hectare (South American plantation style) ponds still to be developed? Little wonder – monodon does not work in the big ponds.

Prawn competition in the minds eye…

In the market BT and vanna address different segments. BT larger size. Vannamei smaller size but faster thus bigger per year returns for farmers.

Uptick in BT market now is slowly trickling back.

Bangladesh should not be always eying its neighbours and should proudly develop its endemic species. Vannamei culture should be banned from Bangladesh. Would be great branding but do farmers need BT culture economic support then or what…?