11,000 scientists declare climate emergency, outline a plan of action

World scientists declare climate emergency

Shrimp aquaculture addresses to different degrees three of the six action points…

Energy – as a carbon sink. Large extensions of shrimp farms globally grow algae.

Nature – Large extensions of shrimp farms globally grow phytoplankton.

Food – as an alternate to red meat consumption.

Bit by bit shrimp aquaculture doing its part.

Why beyond shrimp will not be an issue….

The insight was crystallized for Prawnmaster with the understanding behind the realization of the purpose.

Alternative to meat offerings are always welcome, especially with an older health conscience public. The approach was via a nutritional and health angle. A way to deliver healthier options. Not to compete necessarily.

Uptake by millennial’s (hip technology) and narrative being used as a vegan banner is NOT the driver just collateral to the massive market of meat loving humans looking at their guts. The new microbiome burger.

BUT no-one goes into a restaurant and looks for an alternative to shrimp – except maybe unless you are a vegan….market just not there then to enter into at any volume with a purpose or proposition….

……shrimp aquaculture needs to lay aspirational groundwork to stay Beyond current commodity shrimp markets. Be one step ahead. Reaching out for tomorrow.

Wild prawn genetics could also offer climate hope for shrimp crops…

Well, well, well….and the same I should expect for shrimp..

BBC News – Wild wheat genetics offer climate hope for food crops

The flap of a butterfly wing – Brazil, meat, soy…..and shrimp trace-ability.

An interesting view here on the politics of Amazon fires……

…..and Africa has more ongoing fires than the Amazon.

But the lungs of the planet surely are the Oceans…..

Take out for shrimp…

  1. Eat less red meat – try eating more shrimp as better for the planet.
  2. Don’t buy or grow shrimp on unsustainable non-certified soy from Brazil. Check origins.
  3. Buy only non exotic shrimp grown in semi-intensive systems where algae is also grown.

Carbon labelling on shrimp

Life Cycle Analysis and carbon footprint calculations are nothing new to shrimp aquaculture industry.

Comparing shrimp to other food products would be an interesting exercise.

Carbon labelling as a guide for certain consumers:


This luxury ice cream is made from insects…

Insects are non sentient. Says so on CNN.

Shrimp are the ancestors of insects…shrimp are, effectively, marine insects.

Farming shrimp is good coastal blue carbon capture as well as minimal water usage for protein production.


The aquaculture industry is trying to take fish out of fish food. Are microalgae the solution?

Well written overview.

For those of us in the industry nothing new.

Just re-enforces direction and path we are already on.