Carbon labelling on shrimp

Life Cycle Analysis and carbon footprint calculations are nothing new to shrimp aquaculture industry.

Comparing shrimp to other food products would be an interesting exercise.

Carbon labelling as a guide for certain consumers:


This luxury ice cream is made from insects…

Insects are non sentient. Says so on CNN.

Shrimp are the ancestors of insects…shrimp are, effectively, marine insects.

Farming shrimp is good coastal blue carbon capture as well as minimal water usage for protein production.

The aquaculture industry is trying to take fish out of fish food. Are microalgae the solution?

Well written overview.

For those of us in the industry nothing new.

Just re-enforces direction and path we are already on.

How Carbon Farming Can Help Stop Climate Change in Its Tracks | The Nation

….and shrimp farmed in semi intensive mode can be considered coastal blue carbon solar regenerative farming..

How – algal photosynthesis of course…