Nothing changed in global Prawn – shrimp market will hinge on China, US foodservice…

It’s always been thus!

BUT – what is of note but not shown in the headlines is the ability to turn on/off the shrimp production taps to market. Flexibility on demand with white shrimp. Big difference to slow salmon protein.

No headline mention by Rabobank of increase in Chinese white shrimp aquaculture for 2021. The real driver metric to watch perhaps?

China accounted once for 60% of global shrimp farming production and this can have serious blowback to countries like Ecuador who, once again, turn to US foodservice value added regional markets instead of the smaller heads on flow to Europe/China.

Europe is ambivalent. Japan likes it big…..and convenient.

Choose your market.

Brunei calls for BT investment

Along with New Caledonia Brunei is where the exotic Mexican Blue Shrimp (P. Stylirostris is grown).

BT aquaculture upgrade makes sense.

Has the Integrated Aquaculture BT project in Brunei failed to provide growth? Would investors have to abide by IA genetic technology or is this a raising money push for the current BT project by IA at Brunei DOF?