Pilot shrimp farm fails despite best efforts….

So pre-pilot technology not well enough piloted or was it all hype?

Another one bites the dust.

Three comments here:

Addison Lawrence was not a commercial shrimp farmer but a University professor – so while easy to grow shrimp in laboratory small scale with top heavy labour relative to cost output – not necessarily a scale-able technology. Thought his patent was for stacked tanks – perhaps project would work if it were not for…

….Biofloc – dominate and manage a culture to culture the shrimp…hmmm. Tricky – which is why clearwater may be a better RAS method (automated) and more cost effective. Nust managing bioflic one is not managing shrimp culture and by the time one looks at shrimp….woooosh…too late.

All shrimp viruses can be managed with good husbandry and that means feed and water quality.

Having a system in quarantine should mean that one can carry receiving seed and growing the shrimp out in commercial production. If quarantine and contained no risk then is there! So only sufferance will be if poor husbandry and poor shrimp performance. It becomes a commercial problem. Just that biofloc does not work with RAS.

Importance of marketing and appropriate sales must not be underestimated – its not just growing at good production cost but also selling at good enough price.