Tumultuous Prawn – it’s a vision thing…

A shrimp transfer pump with counting possibilities via vision.

Hopefully another service to the industry to help it get more efficient – like automated electricity input control and automated acoustic shrimp feeding.

Quite a few transfer pumps used already. Counters and vision things less – more for fish.

Would be nice to see test results…and costs…the Sincere Shrimp Biomass counter..



European grown prawn finding their way into the seafood retail sector…

This year looks like another pioneering year for the shrimp everyone..!

First freshly harvested EU grown shrimp to profile in retail outlets this month.

Foodservice has already tasted the fruits of this labour. Now that there is guaranteed volume productions supermarkets are looking to promote.

One kilo packs promote freshly caught, chilled (and packed) under European MAP Shrimp regulatory control.

Audited and grown/pack guaranteed under clean deck conditions.

Precision prawn engineering acoustic technology – listening to lead prawn on welfare, husbandry and social condition issues…