Pirates ahoy….

News from Ecuador about prawn robberies.

Who remembers the one about a group of Colombians who came onto a shrimp farm in Guayas. Held everyone hostage and systematically harvest all the shrimp over several days.

Shrimp was cleared through iffy processors. After all back then, and maybe even now, not hard to launder shrimp through system

It made everyone rethink their security.



To be prawn under a wondering star…Ecuadorian shrimp genetics.

You’ve all seen the recent news that has arisen about Hendrix investment with Nutreco into Ecuador.

Wonder, will or should Hawaiian SPF breeders be allowed into Ecuador? Guess no harm as long as not obliged to use. BUT if they grow faster?

Not to worry the Ecuadorian growout industry already upping the game with local shrimp, bred, like in SE Asia for growth over survival.

What happens when SPF come out of facility – since growout system design is not containment. Is it then genetics. Of course, yes.

Marks & Spencers supermarkets testing DNA in shrimp. Link back to broodstock origin. Means traceability and exclusions and limitations too.

Could lead to some interesting claims.

But, the historic source of Kona Bay exotic Pacific white vannamei strain? Has it been genetically manipulated, enhanced, edited? Or just selected.

Does this project in Ecuador join George Chamberlain, from IAI, and president of GAA (the BAP program) with Jose Villalon, CSR at Nutreco, who managed the rival WWF dialogues (the ASC program).

Macrobio was the hatchery for the Benji Rosales/Caterpillar Ecuador shrimp group operation. However understand the processing and export is now separate from the growout farming. Target quality market headson China.

The hatchery was designed by Dan Lee (BAP GAA) and had HLB setup the algae department. Carol Cozzi, now growing seahorses, the larvae culture. Many notable locals on team still in industry.