Shrimp farming is giving billions of shrimp a better life…..

Prawnmaster always wants to tell the prawn, the whole prawn and nothing but the prawn……

So – long ago there was a clarion call – save us, save us. Our nursery grounds are being decimated. We need domestication because humans are polluting and destroying our habitats. We need to have a backup plan for the survival of shrimp on this planet. This is your purpose.

So we turned to selecting the best candidate for domestication. Turns out is was the omnivores hardy Pacific white vannamei.

Shrimp are definitely doing better being domesticated and our offshore shrimp numbers have come back and stabilized in home coastal areas.

Playas Beach, Ecuador – December 2019

If this has helped deviate some of what was an impeding human over-fishing pressure on our oceans – let alone a way to avoid the pollution – then the lesser load momentum should be continued for our oceans and all species….

Yes support and applaud shrimp farming industry.

Predator & pollution free low stress shrimp aquaculture.

Where Ecuador’s shrimp prices go so follows the rest of the world….

Sorry but this reporting lacks substance.

Where is the shrimp super-forcaster?

Prices have been at historic year lows but went even lower because Ecuador could – for a short term.

The Dutch intelligence reporting on the global shrimp trade chose not to understand what they were told – where Ecuador’s shrimp prices go so follows the rest of the world.

Brilliantly a rapid move to a short term low price market offering by Ecuador – partially on the back of China trade slow downs led to alarm bells coming out of Holland – where India gets a lot of its EU trade data. This resulted in the throttling back on stocking and thus a supply shift.

Ecuador, the cradle of the vannamei industry, has always been the place to go for sustainable and responsible supply.

While Dutch health looked East in came coronavirus to add woe to misery…….stoking fear along its path…….and it is not why Telson went bankrupt either. Telson’s was a technology play that did not work out.

Anyway not much new here – the News media, EU shrimp trade intelligence and investment bank analysts plainly all over the place on shrimp trade trends, reporting and forecasting. Since 2019 I may add.

Interesting to note that Undercurrent News mentions Ecuadorian businesses may go bankrupt – but there is no specific mention of shrimp companies – can that be clarified I wonder. Are there hectares available to purchase?

To explain a bit more the technology there is a built in buffer in the Ecuadorian shrimp industry design. To close down a semi-intensive open pond operation for dry out – sterilization – SOP’s – it is all part of the sustainability of the industry. Farms can do 3 months downtime if need be. Tighten belts, harvest ponds. Has been done before.

Then, just like nurseries but at other end of the pipeline there is plenty of freezing capability, cold-storage capabilities and logistics embedded into Ecuadorian industry. Has been done before.

……….it is business continuity after all……..there is even an ISO 22301.

Prawnmaster was part of the team that was awarded BS25999 now ISO 22301 – at the first food company in the world to get accreditation. Business continuity is apart from the the integrity and responsibility side of the business (for all those CB’s out there) – it is good sustainable management policies – to cushion any blow.

At the same time Prawnmaster was developing the foundational standards for the GAA’s BAP certifications moving downstream from farms and hatcheries and in to processing facilities. This of course was a continued development of NASA’s USFDA HACCP program which was first developed in Ecuador with shrimp – even before it became US law.

Shrimp industry exporting to China merits a move away from US technology for penetration and long term success…

3 5 2 law in China. Will mean linkages on import, trade and suchlike will have to align.

Add in a US/China trade war and a long term distance sourcing China strategy.

No doubt China will also be looking to develop it’s own shrimp certification, source traceability and food safety systems.

US developed certifications, IBM Foodtrust and even US equipment may not be the most welcome for business continuity and trade into China.

Different technology will need to be offered. Or at least a bolt on overlay.

Prawnographic – prices out of this world…

Ecuadorian vannamei shrimp export prices $2.6/pound.

Vannamei shrimp prices in local market (picture above) in Ecuador $4.0/pound.

50% markup sounds reasonable for retail anywhere in the world but here , in the cradle of global vannamei shrimp production, these shrimp are not acceptable for local consumers……in price nor in quality.

Pirates ahoy….

News from Ecuador about prawn robberies.

Who remembers the one about a group of Colombians who came onto a shrimp farm in Guayas. Held everyone hostage and systematically harvest all the shrimp over several days.

Shrimp was cleared through iffy processors. After all back then, and maybe even now, not hard to launder shrimp through system

It made everyone rethink their security.