New report shows increasing momentum behind sustainable seafood | Marine Stewardship Council

With 15% of global fisheries MSC now – good improvement.

Fisheries are a peaked resource – so going sustainable is the only way to maintain current volumes from diminishing. Stewardship is necessary.

For real long term sustainable growth in seafood look to aquaculture. A non peaked resource.

Luckily there are also many other labelling/certification organisations and pressure groups promoting sustainable seafood from other grounds and via other assessments.


Train your taste buds on clean deck shrimp…..taste the difference, lay off the red meat and help the environment…

Train your taste buds to like clean deck farmed shrimp…..and lay off a bit on the red meat. Avoid also super highly processed alt meats. Eat clean deck responsibly farmed shrimp – good for the environment AND for your health. An ethical & responsible option.

Whole Foods CEO on plant-based meat boom: Good for the environment but not for your health.

Carbon labelling on shrimp

Life Cycle Analysis and carbon footprint calculations are nothing new to shrimp aquaculture industry.

Comparing shrimp to other food products would be an interesting exercise.

Carbon labelling as a guide for certain consumers:

Prawnmaster on Guardian UK Prawn article – EJF needs a serious reimagination on shrimp.

Yes a remake of Home Alone, amongst other films, are in the works at Disney.

Re-imagination seems to be flavour of the year.

Sadly the story for shrimp is not being reimagined at all with the same old myths being dug up and used over and over again.

Yes EJF.

Don’t have time or energy to go through this article and point out the factual error assumptions – yet again.

This is regurgitated fake blame/manipulated data – nothing “New” or newsworthy.

Only question for UK shrimp farmer – is it ethical to bring in and grow exotic shrimp from the US even from where it is not even endemic and what with the UK a signatory to the Rio Treaty (CBD)?

Is this not a GMO vannamei Pacific shrimp if from a USA breeding program and also an exotic to the US.

Why get your seed from the US? Apart from the UNOIE/EU live shrimp for culture trade law requirement.

Vietnam Ca Mau expands shrimp farming..

Not clear here at all what shrimp species is being cultured here…

If Pacific vannamei then not sure that growing an exotic shrimp species in Vietnam should be allowed an organic status at all.

ASC should not condoning exotics either..

Thwack! Insects feel chronic pain after injury – The University of Sydney

Nociception and pain brakes.

Shrimp harvestors be prepared….

…..shrimp ethics….–insects-feel-chronic-pain-after-injury.html

The Netherlands cracks down on child labour with due diligence bill – harmonised EU approach on modern slavery in the works.

Shrimp suppliers take heed.

France and UK have modern slavery bills. Harmonised EU bills forthcoming.