Sykes Seafood – best known for supplying warm-water shrimp in UK….since…..1862 !

Wow – don’t think Prawnmaster’s blog posts can go back to 1862….

UK Sykes Seafood to acquire Dutch shrimp business Klaas Puul – AngloDutch food trade relationships as strong as ever…

The Tangiers, Morocco, operation being value addition and hand peeling?

Prawnmaster was under the impression from IDH Shrimp Tails reporting that these logistics practices had stopped in Holland with the automatic peelers with processing aids for locally caught brown shrimp.

Shock ! Horror ! Shrimp statistics included in the White / Fin Fish Study Archives

Stats…the final breakdown…

2019 report on 2018 data

Here it is:

Import total EU 9.4 mmt of which majors are :

Whitefish 4.2 mmt

Salmon 1.2mmt

Tuna 1.2 mmt

Shrimp 0.9 mmt
E.U. consumption climbed to almost 12.9 million metric tons (MT) in 2018, equating to 25.1 kilograms per capita. It also calculated that 62.5 percent of the seafood products eaten by Europeans that year were imported.

Smarter rules for safer food – EU SRSF regulation

For those in biz.

Official Controls Regulation – tomorrow 14th December 2019

Animal Health Regulation – 21st April 2021

Make what you will of it….here is link to information

En un escenario de descenso de consumo de productos pesqueros en España, la acuicultura gana cuota de mercado…..

BBC News: Cocaine found in shrimp in Suffolk rivers

No smuggling involved….but mirrors the findings on wild Canadian salmon last year with traces of 70 different man made drugs and pharmaceuticals found.

Here it is freshwater shrimp in UK carrying cocaine and ketamine……

Picture on Daily Mirror is disturbing. It is of a farmed tropical shrimp.

Needs response.

Thanks to Nelson Gerundo at Shrimp Yahoo Group for pointing out below…

The original source of this BBC News Article was from the published research work of Thomas H. Miller, King Tiong Ng, Samuel T. Bury, Sophie E. Bury, Nicolas R. Bury, and Leon P. Barron on the pharmaceuticals and illicit drugs in freshwater invertebrate to estimate toxic or effect pressure. (Accepted on April 17, 2019, and published online on May 1, 2019) (as cited by Palko Karasz of New York Times, May 1, 2019)

The shrimp referred in the news was Gammarus pulex (Linnaeus 1758)… a species of freshwater amphipod crustacean common in Europe.

Concern is that it is not a species Penaeid shrimp as inserted in the news provided by the Mirror (Tom Davidson, May 1, 2019) which might be confusing to the EU public shrimp consumers.