Shake, Rattle and Prawn..

Naturally grown shrimp farming industry growing 10x faux shrimp…and that is without considering volume difference which when growth % is considered farmed shrimp is just mammothly larger..

No-one in industry is rattled by bloomberg propaganda except maybe fish guts or perhaps the faux shrimp guys themselves – especially since they have not delivered with one even closed down for lack of attaining goals – and one recently refunded and become a second attempted start-up…

Don’t come the raw prawn – this is cooked & printed….or is that printed & cooked.

Precision cooking for printed foods via multiwavelength lasers | npj Science of Food

Let us see the naked plant based prawn – not the authentic breaded look. Who knows what is under the hood…

Apparently conventional seafood is made of different sized shrimp – thankfully farmed shrimp is NOT in this category.

Alt-seafood: how plant-based shrimp and scallops are blowing minds