Israeli scientist could adapt shrimp antiviral for humans…..

Yes shrimp industry has plenty experience…..arthropods don’t have same antiviral immune system as human animals.

Vaccine dips don’t work like on fish.

Other options have had to be developed revolving around getting reaction directly in shrimp via feeding and nutrition.

…..this is as advanced animal husbandry technologies as one can imagine over 35+ years while bring tested on billions (of prawn of course)…

Here is article link…

Replace fishmeal in prawn industry – Try A Solar Umbrella for algae harvesting…..

Not just for polluted wastewater but harnessing low energy forward osmosis for algal concentration and harvesting…

Replace fishmeal in shrimp industry.

Fussy eating prawn…….operational expense reductions….

Shrimp feed conversion rates in the Middle East are at 1.8 with shrimp culture waters being commented on as having possibly too high a natural productivity. Delivery method of feed in KSA is mainly by blowers.

Pond side blower technology testing 1983. Recommendation was to stop using blowers

….because 10 – 15% of pelleted compound feed got beaten up with quite a bit of fines.

Always considered shrimp feed given into pond as having a % considered as fertilizer. With fertilizer SOP’s having to be adjusted accordingly.

The largest expense has to be reduced without affecting performance of biomass productivity. This does not mean cheapening shrimp feed but it means making it stretch that bit further.

15% of 1.8 would bring FCR down to a reasonable industry FCR level.

Also save 300g of feed for every kg shrimp exported. Work out your savings.

Or even help produce 15% more with same feed volume consumption per year.

Of course its also about how to feed now? Feed trays are more efficient. Robotic in pond feeders of course then!

Clever clever – Turning CO₂ into superior starter feed for aquaculture

Copepods fed algae. Algae absorb carbon dioxide.

Great marketing angle.

So why just starter feed? Skip out the copepods and use algae direct.

….and not just starter feed but as fishmeal replacement.

Andale, horale…….

FIS – Worldnews – Effort underway to ‘reposition’ Mexican shrimp in the US market

With shrimp feed quality important to keep production up. 

Saudi Arabia – a Mecca for vannamei production….and algal meals for the shrimp?

With Saudi looking to diversify from oil and a Vision 2030 program in place shrimp farming is set to increase dramatically in near future.

Saudi Arabia targets 200,000 MT / year output by 2025

What more do you need than access to pristine water, sun and abundant land? Well you need the right operational team and the quality feed.

The leader in Saudi is NAQUA – well known in the global industry and there are quite a few licensed sites now and initiatives are underway to develop and ramp up production.

Prawnmaster has just completed a visit to two potential sites this past week – and can confirm that things are hotting up in the region.

Of course, and like any shrimp project, there is complexity and the most important critical success factor is to have the right team in place to take these projects forward.

The shrimp science is known already and to take the businesses to truly profitable operations it is important to have in place the experienced hard working operational and productive individuals in place.

However currently quality and well priced local shrimp feed is a constraint to being fully competitive on the global stage. Raw materials also need to be imported into Saudi.

There is a drive in aquaculture to replace fishmeal with alternatives – bacterial floc meals, SCP’s grown on methane, algal meals and insects. Of special interest is a recent move to growing algae, not for human consumption but as a plant based alternative to feed stock and to replace fishmeal and fish oils. Expensive high purity thus is not as important.

The Saudi region should be well placed to get on board and drive the technology here to look at local algal production that would be used to avoid importation of raw materials for shrimp feed. Growing algae is not dissimilar to growing shrimp – and shrimp hatcheries have been growing pure algal strains for shrimp for decades – now it is a question of taking this to the logical next stage and growing the algae apart, cost effectively de-watering it with appropriate technology and using it for growing out larger shrimp.

Vannamei is the ideal shrimp as it is omnivorous – plant based vegetarian grown shrimp. Why not!

Micro encapsulation – translational medicine.

A heat-stable microparticle platform for oral micronutrient delivery

Getting more specific targeted.

Prawns keep an eye….

……broodstock feed “chucki” delivery.