Robots to the Rescue: How They Can Help During Coronavirus (and Future Pandemics)

Shrimp processing not immune.

More automation in food systems. Less human manipulation.

Shrimp industry leading the way in seafood with SOP’s for risk management on transmission of infectious diseases….1993

Use of facemasks and gloves on a shrimp product that is then frozen (first food safety step) and cooked before eating (second food safety step). 1993

Prawn is close to the ideal proto-insect protein source.


‘Sushi parasites’ have increased 283-fold… raw fish

Recommendation is perhaps to re-introduce freezeing step in salmon as precautionary measure

Luckily farmed shrimp are always frozen and then cooked prior to eating making it one of the safest protein sources on this planet.

Pesky persistant bacteria…AMR.

Its not the viruses but the bacteria that are deadly.

Learning to live with them means good husbandry with balanced nutrition, washing hands after handling raw and well cooking prior to eating.

Loss of phenotypic inheritance associated with ydcI mutation leads to increased frequency of small, slow persisters in Escherichia coli.

First non oxygen breathing animal on planet and it’s a cnidarian parasite of salmon….

Should EU law go back to the food safety freezing step in fresh salmon supply chain….?

Shrimp are frozen in the main and eaten cooked.

Prawn still a staple for NASA and others planning Mars…..

Surely not a long time if you are slurping shrimp cocktails….daily.

Nobody goes to space for the food but they may go to celestial pleasure cruises….

Glad to see dehydrated shrimp is still a staple.

Rocketmen bros know what they need short term….

270 days to Mars. One way. Protein per day 100g rehydrated sufficient.

27Kg rehydrated equivalent.

9kg dried shrimp protein payload lift weight.

The Food We’ll Eat on the Journey to Mars (Algae Caviar, Anyone?) | WIRED