Genome-edited bull passes hornless gene to calves

So far, only one genetically modified animal has successfully navigated the US regulatory approval process – the AquaAdvantage salmon.

Still waiting for our vannamei to shed antennae to allow for higher density culture.

Don’t ever see a shrimp with one head two tails coming to fruition though…

BBC News – Genome-edited bull passes hornless gene to calves


Specific shrimp feed requires specific shrimp genetics. Hendrix Genetics in Ecuador……country where specificity in shrimp failed once before.

Similar marketing ploy to what we had with Marine Harvest International shrimp division back in the mid 1990’s. Sell the seed and feed, support with grow-out. Receive final product, brand and export. Ours was Xcellent Brand at Empress International

Is this where also DNA traceability comes into play for customers? On the pack B2C?

Wild prawn genetics could also offer climate hope for shrimp crops…

Well, well, well….and the same I should expect for shrimp..

BBC News – Wild wheat genetics offer climate hope for food crops

Has US shrimp genetics program failed? New US land-based shrimp farm | IntraFish

A US shrimp farm project based on a non US genetics breeding line combined with recent UK disease problems from US (and OIE) approved exotic shrimp imports puts into question the current US exotic shrimp breeding program efficacity and, in fact, the whole controlled movement of live vannamei globally.

Growing exotic shrimp in US using a genetic line that is also exotic to US is certainly one way to restart the local shrimp aquaculture industry.

Cryo-EM Blobology – ultra-high-definition-3D-video-ology

Can’t wait to see shrimp viruses and processes looked at using this technology.

Slices and slide using X-ray crystallography will become redundant older technology.

Has farmed shrimp nutritional profile changed over time?

Over time farmed salmon have shown to have a lowered levels of Omega 3. Addition into diet therefore is important.

Would be interesting to profile wild vannamei to X generation farmed shrimp.

This to see the effect of farming over time – has anything changed? Can feed and genetics help convert shrimp into packaged complete functional food?

Prawnmaster on Guardian UK Prawn article – EJF needs a serious reimagination on shrimp.

Yes a remake of Home Alone, amongst other films, are in the works at Disney.

Re-imagination seems to be flavour of the year.

Sadly the story for shrimp is not being reimagined at all with the same old myths being dug up and used over and over again.

Yes EJF.

Don’t have time or energy to go through this article and point out the factual error assumptions – yet again.

This is regurgitated fake blame/manipulated data – nothing “New” or newsworthy.

Only question for UK shrimp farmer – is it ethical to bring in and grow exotic shrimp from the US even from where it is not even endemic and what with the UK a signatory to the Rio Treaty (CBD)?

Is this not a GMO vannamei Pacific shrimp if from a USA breeding program and also an exotic to the US.

Why get your seed from the US? Apart from the UNOIE/EU live shrimp for culture trade law requirement.