Has farmed shrimp nutritional profile changed over time?

Over time farmed salmon have shown to have a lowered levels of Omega 3. Addition into diet therefore is important.

Would be interesting to profile wild vannamei to X generation farmed shrimp.

This to see the effect of farming over time – has anything changed? Can feed and genetics help convert shrimp into packaged complete functional food?



Prawnmaster on Guardian UK Prawn article – EJF needs a serious reimagination on shrimp.

Yes a remake of Home Alone, amongst other films, are in the works at Disney.

Re-imagination seems to be flavour of the year.

Sadly the story for shrimp is not being reimagined at all with the same old myths being dug up and used over and over again.

Yes EJF.

Don’t have time or energy to go through this article and point out the factual error assumptions – yet again.

This is regurgitated fake blame/manipulated data – nothing “New” or newsworthy.

Only question for UK shrimp farmer – is it ethical to bring in and grow exotic shrimp from the US even from where it is not even endemic and what with the UK a signatory to the Rio Treaty (CBD)?

Is this not a GMO vannamei Pacific shrimp if from a USA breeding program and also an exotic to the US.

Why get your seed from the US? Apart from the UNOIE/EU live shrimp for culture trade law requirement.


Development of cell-based shrimp snagged by a bottleneck

Would have thought quite a few shrimp genetic breeding companies have already isolated stem cells…


New crayfish that doesn’t need males to mate becomes all-powerful – BBC News

Are they edible like procambarus clarkii? Will this happen one day to shrimp too?


Benchmark plots web of Asian JVs ahead of disease-resistant shrimp release…

Interesting that future developments are notably focussing on shrimp aquaculture.

DNA marking of consumer product to origin and broodstock will give full traceability along supply chain.

All processes at each step need to be transparent as well – for marketing.

Shame shrimp is talked about and picture shows what looks like fish eggs….!


Breakthrough Harvard research shows stem cell genes can be edited in living systems – Harvard Gazette

Can’t wait to test this out on shrimp…


Trillions or is it quadrillions of shrimp….market price ( not disease! ) is producers worry.

One of the few industries where trillions of animals have been raised and managed.

Compare one 6 kilo salmon every three years. For that weight and in that time one is managing a thousand 20g shrimp. The numbers coming out of shrimp hatcheries globally are in the billions and have been for many decades.

With a 12 month turn over on life cycle (to gather resistance and to shake off any diseases), a geographic global farming spread, different seasonality and the possibility to shore up supply chain with a finished product freezing capability of up to 24 months, there is an easy bounce back from any diseases.

Which is why prices stay more or less within a fixed band. With the ability to buy same product from many different localities there is a great flexibility of offer to the demand in markets. This can mean playing producers off each other to get best deal and results in commodity low prices.

Genetic focus in hatcheries started for vannamei started with survival rates – a necessary competitive step when trying to compete with the economics of wild high performing seed. It was also because hatcheries were initially paid bonuses on numbers coming out not on quality of larvae.

This is why the stress test on shrimp coming out of hatcheries was developed. 

However, and in reality, it has always been a numbers game. This same numbers game can overcome the survival quest and growth performance of shrimp is really the main requirement from farmers.

So all this talk about shrimp disease from people trying to get either into the industry or tout their positioning, is bullshit in the bigger picture. The main worry is low commodity prices globally and lack of downstream support by importers and distributors to promote farmed shrimp into the markets.

The genetics and 4.0 guys need to stop playing the disease card and look at shrimp growth and adaptation to alternative protein conversion capabilities.