Prawn farming game changer…not just for RAS…

Vannamei farmers should reject shrimp feed above 1.2mm and work with their suppliers to obtain 1.2mm pellets at same cost as larger feed sizes.

Shrimp do swallow pellets…what started out as an observation much written about last year – a solution, with many accompanying benefits, has been developed.

Well done

Prawn nyum brand feed…

What happens with normal shrimp feeding when shrimp cannot swallow:

1. Feed conversion is high. 2.Production costs are high 3. Sludge waste – clean up costs 4. Water quality problems 5. Density limiting 6. High carbon count from feed 7. Energy and time wasted breaking down feed pellets to appropriate swallow size.

So the RAS facility in Germany decided to test feed options – in a quest to improve feeding techniques – not only with the feed profile but in the format delivered also.

Turns-out shrimp CAN Swallow feed!  Short video below…

Yes breakthrough at 1.2mm sized pellets all the way through to commercial market size fed shrimp… need bigger feed pellets.

Protein % is major variable cost – smaller feed pellet similar cost as larger at the same protein level.

So now : 1. Lower FCR 2. No sludge waste 3. Better water quality 4. Easier management.