Coming to a supermarket near you…..

CCP’s in SOP for retail. Footbaths, knee operated hand wash stations

Shrimp industry leading the way in seafood with SOP’s for risk management on transmission of infectious diseases….1993

Use of facemasks and gloves on a shrimp product that is then frozen (first food safety step) and cooked before eating (second food safety step). 1993

Prawn is close to the ideal proto-insect protein source.


NASA – Earth Science Missions….

Two shrimp and NASA connected technologies Prawnmaster has experienced.

1983 – Using NASA satellite technology to look at shrimp pond color / turbidity / algal concentration – for water exchange control in large semi intensive ponds.

1994 – NASA technology on food safety together with USFDA to implement a program on earth for shrimp/seafood safety – now called HACCP.

SpaceX gets $80 million from NASA to launch its Earth Science mission in 2022