Black tiger shrimp shouldn’t compete with others…

Production first is correct in GOAL 2019 meeting.

But SPF breeders ??? – well that is more a marketing ploy to have to deliver seed by set controlled genetics….at price market will pay.

Not necessarily only or best way forward. Why compete with SPF vannamei?

Vannamei industry was kickstarted by wild gravid females and that is the solution to current BT program….get scale then do genetics.

Yes production first and, as mentioned previously, ad infintum, the West Coast of Africa is full of gravid BT females.

Already investment from Japan and Vietnam shipping broodstock out of region.

BT breeders used to be shipped out of Mozambique as well once but West African growing population is non endemic, and is fished also.

All that is needed is screening and quarantine to level required.

Cheap seed and grow BT to vannamei size + faster. Markets will follow. Shrimp will always be sold.

What are you waiting for Bangladesh, India?

Indian shrimp production actually increasing in 2019, MPEDA says. The spectre of disease disappears…..

Shows how rapidly shrimp industry can “turn on taps”….and how slow observers are to pickup on signals.

We all saw the same with supposed banking and financial analysts falling off their chairs at GOAL 2019 on Ecuadorian actual production figures.

That said it is brilliant! The spectre of disease disappears. Cowboys out.

Most news media just don’t seem to have their hands on the pulse either, just like the bankers and the regulatory authorities…FAO data always behind as well.

Prawnland India – things need to change.

70% of Indian surface water contaminated.

12 of world’s 15 most polluted cities are in India.

No wonder there is concern for prawn human food export coming out of India and its ability to deliver or grow further for world markets.

Internally things need to change!

Disease challenges biggest obstacle to India’s shrimp success

India pushing envelope.

….and yet more antibiotics will make matters worse….so that is not answer to disease thank you very much.

Solutions lie in better specific feed and robust seed.

An increased intensification can only succeed with a correct nutritional profiling of feed and water. Any less and consequent stress expresses disease.

Indias path requires developing BT and indicus and, at same time, making sure seed is robust and feed is good quality…

‘Drastic’ drop in Indian shrimp seeding likely to have global impact by fall | Undercurrent News

20% drop is not that drastic and will not have global impact. India is not the only player and we have seen this all happen before out of other producer countries over past two decades…

…..not clear from headlines:

A. If a lower stocking density the target could be faster growth to bigger sizes on less feed and for better sales pricing. Still same biomass volume harvest just bigger shrimp.

B. If it is same stocking density but lower surface area seeded then same small sizes being chased. Small sizes are cheap currently but competition is there. If prices go up then farmers can always harvest early.

So while some people consider this will have a global impact unfortunately they are newly understanding how the global shrimp farming industry flexes…

MPEDA India starts BT Monodon Shrimp

Good to see that India has taken advice and has a BT seed program.

Now to see same with Indicus shrimp.