A similar approach to the prawn…harnessing probiotics to deliver supporting culture appropriate bacteria for RAS.


Precision prawn engineering acoustic technology – listening to lead prawn on welfare, husbandry and social condition issues…

Prawn intensity definitions – it’s complicated but should be based on output at harvest per sqm.

So back in December we defined intensiveness but with one caveat – we did not include depth and therefore size of footprint.

From here on in we counsider shrimp should remain under aper square metre definition for productivity and not like a volumetric fish calculation….

Example is that a per cubic metre could have a footprint of 3 sqm if the water is only 33cms deep.

To redefine then – semi-intensive shrimp culture can be now considered at 4MT/hectare per harvest. That’s stays the same.

Intensive as being up to 5kg/sqm per cycle.

Super-intensive as 5 -15 kg per square metre per cycle.

With hyper-intensive above 15 kg per square metre.

All understood then.