Who is looking for their prawn digital twin?

Digital Twins and importance in IoT.

Basically run a digital parallel of a culture system that can suggest, via AI and IoT input, options and even execute. Digital shrimp bio-model for culture. Simulation and analytics.

Shrimp Brain mapping…..baseline eyes talks….connectome..

Shrimp Brain Mapping – its mainly in the eyes.

Fussy eating prawn…….operational expense reductions….

Shrimp feed conversion rates in the Middle East are at 1.8 with shrimp culture waters being commented on as having possibly too high a natural productivity. Delivery method of feed in KSA is mainly by blowers.

Pond side blower technology testing 1983. Recommendation was to stop using blowers

….because 10 – 15% of pelleted compound feed got beaten up with quite a bit of fines.

Always considered shrimp feed given into pond as having a % considered as fertilizer. With fertilizer SOP’s having to be adjusted accordingly.

The largest expense has to be reduced without affecting performance of biomass productivity. This does not mean cheapening shrimp feed but it means making it stretch that bit further.

15% of 1.8 would bring FCR down to a reasonable industry FCR level.

Also save 300g of feed for every kg shrimp exported. Work out your savings.

Or even help produce 15% more with same feed volume consumption per year.

Of course its also about how to feed now? Feed trays are more efficient. Robotic in pond feeders of course then!

The prawn of tomorrow…

IoT and AI is not just about robotic feeding systems.

One day perhaps we will see bespoke feed mixes made to adjust to conditions on specific wired up shrimp farms…..

The Economist | The cow of tomorrow https://www.economist.com/technology-quarterly/2019/09/12/sensors-and-ai-are-finding-their-way-into-the-barnyard?frsc=dg%7Ce

Laser-induced sound pinging (LISP): A rapid photoacoustic method to determine the speed of sound in microliter fluid volumes

Potentially useful for future shrimp aquaculture parameter measurements and even in food safety…


BBC News: Temperature maps from space would ‘boost crop production’.

BBC News – Temperature maps from space would ‘boost crop production’

What – EU does not have this already in place? Or is this a fund raising exercise? 

Back in the 1980s and in South America we had access to NASA satellite pictures of our shrimp ponds in Ecuador. Idea was to use color and heat signature of 30 hectare ponds to calculate water/feed requirements – with feeding by modified crop duster plane and water exchange capabilities for pond algal growth.

It was too expensive and anyway better to have on ground analysis for rapid response – especially in proactive preventative pond culture husbandry. Yes shrimp farming was about growing and maintaining algal blooms in those days and efficiencies on fertilizers and water exchanges. Uneaten feed acted as fertilizer as well. 

This UK announce project seems to be using NASA technology also.

With the advent of agTech localized drones I wonder if this is really necessary for crop production and management. 

Independent Robotics – Aqua2 Robots

This is the kit for aquaculture…..imagine…

….video, sampling, corralling fish, harvesting, repair work….

…once it gets cheaper maybe!