Fake Prawn news…how it starts..

Looking hard for references of use of hormones in shrimp.

Oops nothing except reference to another news report and that is anecdotal…

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Wild-Caught, U.S. Shrimp vs. Farm-Raised, Imported Shrimp – American Shrimp Processors’ Association

Coronavirus: Lesson 5 from the shrimp industry – nurseries

Nursery ponds – yes use screening and population controls in steps along culture.

Multiple benefits including increased biosecurity and disease control.

A technology initially developed and used in South America because there were no hatcheries and purchasing wild seed was seasonal.

Granmar farm was a pioneer also to trial shrimp seed from its sister company, Semacua – the first commercial shrimp hatchery in the world

Using nurseries removed the seasonality of farmed shrimp culture pre hatchery seed and allowed for test bed for performance of pioneering hatchery produced….

Who is looking for their prawn digital twin?

Digital Twins and importance in IoT.

Basically run a digital parallel of a culture system that can suggest, via AI and IoT input, options and even execute. Digital shrimp bio-model for culture. Simulation and analytics.