RAS prawn larviculture…high prices not the way to grow the business.

The other day Prawnmaster put up a post response on LI that the pursuit of RAS larviculture was currently a commercially flawed approach – vannamei larviculture being flow through Galveston – unless the output seed price makes it all worthwhile.

High PL price notwithstanding will hamper growth – unless that price is able to be passed on.

…and why technically make your life harder, with relatively small requirements – due to the density (numbers/litre) – shrimp larviculture facilities are placed conveniently next to high quality seawater sources.

In maturation RAS works extremely well.

In larviculture commercially no-one yet has broken through really in RAS because not really necessary.

Prawnmaster noted that there were probably 5-6 people in Europe who are pursuing RAS in larviculture.

Imagine my surprise when one, whom I considered an advanced player from middle Europe, sent this “anyone who have a reliable RAS hatchery is bullshitting. At least at this moment. It’s true, that is what I am working on, but I am long way from getting right…”

Is it possible that the imported larviculture technology (Galveston/Ecuador) is not correct for inland vannamei RAS?

Actually took Prawmaster back to larviculture in Taiwan – for monodon but also developed at same time.

The Taiwanese larviculture practice of doing Zero water exchange until PL2…

Modified Europe technology.