The rough guide to Black Tiger Prawn….

Why not the commodity white leg vannamei shrimp?

Farmed Black Tiger known to be higher in carbon LCA than vannanei – and is a much higher grown volume.

The too simple formula to cut your diet’s carbon footprint….

Fake Prawn news…how it starts..

Looking hard for references of use of hormones in shrimp.

Oops nothing except reference to another news report and that is anecdotal…

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Wild-Caught, U.S. Shrimp vs. Farm-Raised, Imported Shrimp – American Shrimp Processors’ Association

Immortalizing the Prawn…

Interesting about in vivo being another name for aquaculture….discussions at the Roslin Institute.

All tracking seems to do is help see if you shrimp is disease a free from gene cell line – by which time you will very likely have ate the offspring….

Shrimp every 12 months new generation.

Fast turn-over. Not like slower salmon.

Though an artificial cell cultured oyster meat water bio-filter was looking promising…