Why You Should Care Where Your Seafood Comes From…….easy enough……..

Simple – stick to seafood from cultured sources to help mitigate hunting pressure on the oceans.

Read the label. Talk to your supplier.

De-veining of the prawn – Aussie import regulations…..off with their heads then also?

Australia to impose new regulations on raw shrimp imports from July 1st……..no veins allowed on raw shrimp entering. Imports need to be in sealed packaging.

Wonder what will happen to bulk importing for secondary processing? Most value addition offshore – as is currently. Increase usage of SUP – single use plastics (SUP) for food safety and infectious shrimp disease control.

This move is to control entry and a possible spread of EHP into Australia of vibrio in the shrimp mid-gut – but not sure how that then affects locally farmed shrimp – could be those pesky fishermen using the raw prawn as bait in fishing……..but is the Australian shrimp farming bio-security setup that poor and husbandry not sufficiently well managed to overcome issues. Is it part of state intervention in an exclusionary lock down health mentality. Certainly may affect local markets and be fall foul of WTO if applied to same shrimp species cultured in Australia.

e-Prawn – all that is needed is food safe frozen delivery technology…

E-commerce in Saudi Arabia: Food sales surge amid COVID-19 pandemic

..great for grocery items.

War, battles and fight – what is it good for? Absolutely nothing…..

Why the continued scene making – that seafood is losing the protein battle?

Does not seem this way for shrimp.

Is it yet again the fish aquaculture sector trying to appropriate the whole of the seafood sector?

For Cargill to come up with some ideas must mean they have bought into the narrative – so must be true or perhaps it is just PR.

The prawn thought police….India lifts lockdown restrictions on fishing, aquaculture industry…

Funny this – how news media leads to panic shrimp harvests in India but hey, not by everyone…….

Word was the industry was exempt and thus not targeted by the local authorities – obviously the prawn thought police were praying on farmers minds. Now it is in writing for all Indians.

So business as usual please…….and keep applying apply strict HACCP SOP’s – even in farms and homes.

Stay safe……and don’t panic – everyone has to eat.

Farmed shrimp are the perfect protein package.

Positive shockwaves for global shrimp farming industry…..with vannamei prices at commodity rock bottom past year at last some good news….

Nothing negative about this.

Shrimp prices will rise. Good for global farming industry. Now US marketeers will hopefully promote more and get message across about shrimp. Healthy nutritional recommended shellfish protein.

Not fish.

US market may start to feel shockwaves of Indian shrimp industry cutbacks in May | Intrafish

Plenty of flexibility globally and don’t worry USA will not run out of shrimp…