Prawnographic – prices out of this world…

Ecuadorian vannamei shrimp export prices $2.6/pound.

Vannamei shrimp prices in local market (picture above) in Ecuador $4.0/pound.

50% markup sounds reasonable for retail anywhere in the world but here , in the cradle of global vannamei shrimp production, these shrimp are not acceptable for local consumers……in price nor in quality.

Fish farming can feed most of world…

Well of course if Norwegian Prime Minister says so….

Still shrimp farming is not to be overlooked….not only for its cost effective productivity and size compated to salmon but also because farmed shrimp are omniverous (so no need the insects) and have, unlike salmon, lifted millions out of poverty.

Andale, horale…….

FIS – Worldnews – Effort underway to ‘reposition’ Mexican shrimp in the US market

With shrimp feed quality important to keep production up. 

Russia’s revolutionary “farmed” shrimp producer..

A common refrain by those not in the know is oversizing a shrimp market.

Here it states Russian market is 45,000MT…with 50% domestic.

Really ocean caught needs to be seperated from farmed. Coldwater from warmwater. Then you get to real size of farmed market. Regardless it is not about competing or replacing but should be 100% about expanding markets….

Nature’s Solution to Climate Change – it’s those shrimp eating mammals – again!

Yes our familiar shrimp eating mammals – here to save the planet again.

A big protein gap for shrimp to fill in with China – vannamei global pricing still led by Ecuador…

There will no doubt be a very fast growing farmed shrimp protein market in the world for next five years led, as in past decades, by internal China markets.

China’s Pigs to Take Half a Decade to Recover From Killer Virus

Global shrimp price tendencies for farmed vannamei though have always be led by Ecuador.