Positive shockwaves for global shrimp farming industry…..with vannamei prices at commodity rock bottom past year at last some good news….

Nothing negative about this.

Shrimp prices will rise. Good for global farming industry. Now US marketeers will hopefully promote more and get message across about shrimp. Healthy nutritional recommended shellfish protein.

Not fish.

US market may start to feel shockwaves of Indian shrimp industry cutbacks in May | Intrafish

Plenty of flexibility globally and don’t worry USA will not run out of shrimp…

Prawnmaster promotes perfect pack prime processed prawn protein preppers product….

US shrimp imports remained high in February despite coronavirus spread

Frozen healthy food safe protein source.

Rabobank: Farmed shrimp will be one of hardest hit sectors by coronavirus….but hey, we also got trade data wrong in 2019 by a big margin…

Shrimp are recommended as part of diet against Coronavirus.

EU banks analysts please try to be more positive on tropical marine shrimp industry please. News Media a bit more responsible.

Nice graphs and statistics….but change the will to could please

Shrimp part of the rescue package against Coronavirus – 1,500 Americans die daily from poor diet…..

Here is an interesting opinion piece…

Labelling and marketing shrimp….pond and lab cell farmed.

A shrimp has also the right to know life. It has a head and eyes. At least in most consumer markets – unless highly processed – shrimp have heads.

Growing cells and calling the meat produced shrimp is not correct.

This is about labelling, marketing and clear information for consumer knowledge.

Sykes CEO grateful for retail strength of Klaas Puul in coronavirus foodservice crash….plus a dollop of business continuity to level the ship..

Being part of the team with Lyons Seafoods that obtained first ever business continuity in a UK food company – BS25999 (Now ISO 22301 & 22313) – we did play many what/if scenarios. Including pandemics, market and supply chain ruptures. 300+ business disruption plans. 2008

Standard practice 14 years on?

Coronavirus is turning us all into seafood Millennials…nicely written opinion piece…

MissingĀ at the top of the list and covering all generations regardless.

Food safety.

Frozen is a safety step and nowadays is the best technology available. That and washing hand SOP’s developed as past of the NASA HACCP protocols.

Sorry but fresh is just not where the last mile is gonna work for seafood – shrimp anyway. Maybe OK for salmon guys but hard to see how fresh fits in with food safety.

One wants convenience, this means deheading and peeling – fresh is not advisable thence. Too much handling. Freezing good quality step.

Also convenience may mean use of chemicals. Try to find a peeled shrimp that does not have an e-number in it.

Fresh anyway is never as good as live but we now know what wet markets entail and frozen technology is a best primary step.

Where does hunting for fish as seafood sit? Farmed is an option on the path to help against industrial resource exoitation….but probably low on list and under catch-all sustainability.

Farmed frozen clean deck using domesticated species best option.

Here is opinion piece by Demi…