Has farmed shrimp nutritional profile changed over time?

Over time farmed salmon have shown to have a lowered levels of Omega 3. Addition into diet therefore is important.

Would be interesting to profile wild vannamei to X generation farmed shrimp.

This to see the effect of farming over time – has anything changed? Can feed and genetics help convert shrimp into packaged complete functional food?



BBC News – Plant-based diet can fight climate change – UN

So where does aquaculture sit in all this?

Specifically shrimp is an obvious good choice. Plankton, grown in majority of shrimp ponds, absorb carbon.

Can shrimp protein also help fight climate change….or, at very least, have a positive positioning relative to other proteins out there.


Shrimp and avocado…

Lot of talk about how US shrimp marketing could follow an avocado marketing HAB – Hass Avocado Board strategy approach.

Will be interesting what those promoting this approach will come up with.

Shrimp and avocados do go well together though…

Tokyo restaurateur develops spore sheet to speed up aging of meat — and fish | The Japan Times

Has anyone tried ageing shrimp one wonders?


Save Your Money: Vast Majority Of Dietary Supplements Don’t Improve Heart Health or Put Off Death

What does work though is having a healthy diet and including shrimp of course!


Seafood Merchandising Best Practices Highlighted at SENA | Progressive Grocer

Overcome your “fear of fish”…….

…..eat shrimp!


Millennial’s yet to discover shrimp..

“He says under-40s want “quick-fix health products that promise added vitamins, gut health, protein, relaxation” in an “affordable pocket-sized offering”.

It’s the mindset that everything has to do something else, has to be multi-functional, in this smartphone generation – and that goes for food and drink as well,”

Mr Beckett says.