Delivering shrimp via urban ATM’s – food safe and protein food secure.

Delivering food aid to Africa

Future scenario : urban reefer setups with hooked on robotic steam cookers to deliver food safe (sterilized) products.

Shrimp are that ideal healthy protein package.

Shrimp part of the rescue package against Coronavirus – 1,500 Americans die daily from poor diet…..

Here is an interesting opinion piece…

Is the New Meat Any Better Than the Old Meat? – The New York Times

Shrimp is not part of the equation and not included in this article.

I mean why would they be?

No-one says oooh shrimp let’s look for an alternative.

I mean after all why would you?

If you are vegan or vegetarian there are plenty of option out there that are not related to the PRAWN.

Ricky Gervais’s Favorite Brewery Is Opening a Vegan Cafe…

…not my favourite comedian but glad to see his favourite brewery supports cruelty free farming by offering shrimp on skewers at its “Inconceivable Cafe” opening in August…

American Academy of Pediatrics Says US Children Are Not Eating Enough Seafood – and shrimp get the usual treatment…

With shrimp farming the message here is that child labor and environmentally damaging practices are used.

So are US children (future consumers) getting the raw end of the information?

Responsibly farmed shrimp, from say Ecuador, surely should be trying to change the mindset of current US pediatricians and children.

US foodservice companies supplying schools and educational establishments need to get their fingers out and correct this negativity.

Shrimp are extremely healthy and good source of protein.

Wrong shrimp message going out here to future generations that needs to be corrected.

To suck or not to suck….tales that relate.

Lets apply this to shrimp. Its not prawnographic but in Spain the market sells more of heads-on shrimp that any other offering.

However market research shows that when people eat out in Spain they are not so keen on head sucking. They prefer to do this in the privacy of their own homes. Main reason is risk of getting shrimp all over clothes and fingers.

Heads-on shrimp reflects a quality to discerning seafood markets like that of Spain that there has been no processing of the product and that the quality is of a higher standard.

Waiting for the definitive report.

Salmon, shrimp and weed

Martha Stewart gets involved with Cooke Aquaculture – who recently got into shrimp aquaculture by buying out the SeaJoy shrimp operation in Honduras

And around same time Martha gets into weed.

Martha Stewart teams up with Canopy Growth to help develop CBD products for humans and animals

Will this mean new feed recipes for shrimp?