Positive shockwaves for global shrimp farming industry…..with vannamei prices at commodity rock bottom past year at last some good news….

Nothing negative about this.

Shrimp prices will rise. Good for global farming industry. Now US marketeers will hopefully promote more and get message across about shrimp. Healthy nutritional recommended shellfish protein.

Not fish.

US market may start to feel shockwaves of Indian shrimp industry cutbacks in May | Intrafish

Plenty of flexibility globally and don’t worry USA will not run out of shrimp…

Pesky persistant bacteria…AMR.

Its not the viruses but the bacteria that are deadly.

Learning to live with them means good husbandry with balanced nutrition, washing hands after handling raw and well cooking prior to eating.

Loss of phenotypic inheritance associated with ydcI mutation leads to increased frequency of small, slow persisters in Escherichia coli.

Indian shrimp production actually increasing in 2019, MPEDA says. The spectre of disease disappears…..

Shows how rapidly shrimp industry can “turn on taps”….and how slow observers are to pickup on signals.

We all saw the same with supposed banking and financial analysts falling off their chairs at GOAL 2019 on Ecuadorian actual production figures.

That said it is brilliant! The spectre of disease disappears. Cowboys out.

Most news media just don’t seem to have their hands on the pulse either, just like the bankers and the regulatory authorities…FAO data always behind as well.

Demise of Shrimp List Group with purchase of Yahoo by Verizon…..

A topic board that seeded many shrimp thoughts over past ……… and many topics covered for past 20 odd years…..

……….however recent movements have been slow – this is probably more due to the dirth of specialized niche platforms.

Here’s a list of the plant-based imitators trying to eat seafood’s market share, and the investors backing them | IntraFish

…….as seafood and fish protein from Ocean resources gets less and less due to overfishing one can understand and support all these players in the fish protein space.

There is a huge market gap looming. So why not look to fill….people in markets looking to replace beef. Its a health led thing.

Seafood could help lower beef consumption, as well as a health led issue. People are not looking to replace seafood but alt seafood could have its own space with certain sectors.

Seafood companies need to embrace and row in same direction. Perhaps we ought to call it a surf and turf strategy. No-one should feel “under attack”.

Prawn (specifically farmed shrimp) is a different kettle of fish though, haha.

Prawnmaster will show on Sunday post and after ruminating on Beyond Meat scientific meetup…


Rough start for UK land-based shrimp farm as virus forces cull….sounds more like stress inducing husbandry, handling and logistics followed by clean up……

It says mortality of over 50% on arrival…..sounds like bad handling to prawnmaster. Removing dead is standard practice. Confused with cull?

One does not cull shrimp – a fishy term.

If system is biosecure then no threat of this stress provoked problem reaching outside facility so no need to cull. Just continue growout. Standing at 12% survival currently.

With commercial logistics, systems, feed review.

Three things to note.

So much for biosecurity, OIE and buying from only approved US sources.

Prawnmaster has continuely argued that the US SPF program for vannamei is compromised. Vannamei is not even endemic to that country.

Secondly – why the word “cull”? If there is a risk to a local population then nothing less of total destruction with a zero discharge policy should be in place – but if that were case it would show biosecurity lapse in system. A cull of shrimp in a system is removing dead ones. So with over 50% dying on arrival not really a cull more a clean up is my guess.

Sounds like they need some Prawnmaster advice….

Proper handling and correct feed should do it….and, buying vannamei seed from Europe in future or use 12% survivors as base line for breeding?


Shrimp, Prawn and fried shrimp emoji

Having just watched The Emoji Movie was a bit disappointed with the appearance of the shrimp emoji.

The shrimp emoji is a heads on shrimp but in the movie it is portrayed as the fried shrimp emoji – which has no head. So the emoji then says he was going to put himself on the barbie….which is what one expects from a whole head on shrimp emoji but not a headless shrimp emoji….

….disappointed !