The Good prawn – wtf is the World Aquaculture Association?….just shows the cut and paste level of BS news media…no due diligence = no knowledge = no interest

Bad news first Seafood – Editorials 360 – would be nice some real journalism – instead we get same mantra about how bad farmed shrimp is – but there are 3 certification exception approved. So why not start there?

Positive shockwaves for global shrimp farming industry…..with vannamei prices at commodity rock bottom past year at last some good news….

Nothing negative about this.

Shrimp prices will rise. Good for global farming industry. Now US marketeers will hopefully promote more and get message across about shrimp. Healthy nutritional recommended shellfish protein.

Not fish.

US market may start to feel shockwaves of Indian shrimp industry cutbacks in May | Intrafish

Plenty of flexibility globally and don’t worry USA will not run out of shrimp…