Cooking Food Alters the Microbiome | UC San Francisco

Surprised that this is an area only recently being studied.

Stay off the raw prawn is what your microbiome is probably telling you…..uncooked possibly loaded with vibrio.

Farmed shrimp – positively swimming in their own microbiome…

People’s response to flu vaccine influenced by gut microbes | News Center | Stanford Medicine..

So how about we do NOT look at a shrimp gut microbiome but instead, we look at the culture medium as the shrimp microbiome.

Sure enough farmed shrimp are positively swimming in their microbiome.

It’s not just fish, plastic pollution harms the bacteria that help us breathe – Macquarie University

“…exposure to chemicals leaching from plastic pollution interfered with the growth, photosynthesis and oxygen production of Prochlorococcus, the ocean’s most abundant photosynthetic bacteria,”

…albeit in lab conditions but plastics issues are much more than just the macro visible stuff we can see….

Type 1 CRISP Cas3

Bacteria cultures are big time part of shrimp aquaculture industry from seed to grow out and right up to end consumer eating.

Keeping track of latest developments (here) important for better understanding potentials…

Well shine a “blue” light….on shrimp Staph…..what is current shrimp farming HR standards on worker bacterial infections? Allowing workers to use Chloramphenicol?

Harvesting shrimp in the old days meant getting down and dirty pond side. Rostra punctures and cuts were the norm. These would rapidly get staph infected and workers would wipe eyes, transfer infection etc.

My cure was garlic to clean cuts. But many use chloramphenicol as cheap and very effective. Of course plastic eye drop bottles get chucked….!

Farm HR protocols may not be tight in that aspect of supporting workers in hazardous jobs. Would be interesting to see what standards policies are….

Blue light might work also somewhere in chain…

Link here

Do shrimp, like fish, have slime….and anyone in the shrimp industry resarching?

Yes of course healthy shrimp are nice and slippery with a mucous type covering but anyone in shrimp industry researching same as here?

Anti-evolvability drug to combat AMR in shrimp…

proof-of-concept for small-molecule inhibitors that could be administered with antibiotics to reduce resistance evolution by impeding differentiation of (bacterial) gamblers, without harming antibiotic activity….

Oh yes – here, put that in your pipe and smoke it