Prawn larval nurseries not a mystery – know thy species..

Ocean Surface Slicks are Pelagic Nurseries for Diverse Fishes

Not so sure about accidental ingestion of plastics by larvae…but plastics are biofilm substrates as well…

Prawn nursery video for SEAsian farmers….an important step to implement.

Biosecurity, health, commercial risk management, increased robustness…

Nursery Episode 3: The Booster Model”

Watch “Nursery Gateway” on YouTube

A great little video on nurseries in shrimp industry

Would add that transfer techniques are variable – including aeration and oxygen in transport tanks.

On arrival and discharge into pond then highly recommended a reception area (like a large sunken plastic mesh tray) to gauge well and check if transfer was done well…….moribund shrimp will stay in tray area….

But you get the gist.