Prawn to flooding and disease risk – codswallop.

Elsewhere, shrimp aquaculture is identified as the sector of the developing aquaculture industry most at risk from climate change due to the vulnerability of shrimp ponds to coastal flooding and disease risk.

Most at risk because there is no other type of aquaculture?

Coastal flooding? Shrimp farms typically pump up water 4 metres. So guess yes suceptible to coastal flooding perhaps in 2100?

Disease risk not an issue with correctly designed biosecurity and modern up-to-date shrimp husbandry

CEFAS should stick to commenting on fisheries – or at least in areas where they have competency.

Is Oman now accepting pacific white vannamei culture?

Not sure but will verify soon.


….the opportunities?

….the competitive landscape, Gulf or regional….

Sustainably developed? Full containment for exotic species culture?

Is broodstock from native vannamei facilities allowed or is it only allowed OIE approved SPF from USA?

If only SPF this mean commodity vannamei and if so local feed or imported raw material?

So working with local raw market suppliers and developing local end consumer markets is going to be important for growth.

Does not make sense to import 4kg of feed to export 1kg finished product…taking into account FCR 2.2 and a dehead of 55% yield….and compete with other low cost commodity suppliers.

Markets for products – GCC centric?

More later…