Chasing Dory – World’s smallest underwater drone.

Toys for shrimp


Ultra-thin Layers of Rust Generate Electricity from Flowing (salt) Water |

Future source of energy in shrimp aquaculture…

How fat prawns can save lives | Berkeley News

Interesting research but same disease dropped 95% in Nile river basin in Egypt because of an US exotic crayfish decades ago.

Crayfish in the Nile: A threat to biodiversity with potential for a booming industry

God Hates Shrimp – if anyone can make sense of that apart from a parody site……

….but of course….shrimp is a carrier of staph and, even supposed AMR staph especially dangerous when handling the raw prawn.

Thus, embedded in ancient food safety human and health protocols was an avoid alert…that was forced onto the masses via the religion.

Now what with proper bioculture and correct food handling there should be no more worries

The technological challenge for shrimp….

Short term place your money on smaller bets. If your cash is not giving you the aspired returns.

Of course they will not be as disruptive as aquaculture has been on fishing or protein production.

Long term perhaps a good look here:

Yuval Noah Harari – 21 lessons for the 21st Century.

Gets interesting around page 120.

Shrimp, Prawn and fried shrimp emoji

Having just watched The Emoji Movie was a bit disappointed with the appearance of the shrimp emoji.

The shrimp emoji is a heads on shrimp but in the movie it is portrayed as the fried shrimp emoji – which has no head. So the emoji then says he was going to put himself on the barbie….which is what one expects from a whole head on shrimp emoji but not a headless shrimp emoji….

….disappointed !