Peru – on launchpad for bigger prawn things…

Prawnmaster at aquaculture innovation conference Tumbes Peru…25th August

On yesterdays prawn post…

Forgot to mention that China has started opening up shrimp trade again. Firstly from Vietnam and recently Ecuador.

So more positive positiveness to expand production capabilities.

Yes finally analyst is understanding message sent and is talking about 100 days culture t/o and 2 years freeze capability for farmed shrimp…

RAS prawn larviculture…high prices not the way to grow the business.

The other day Prawnmaster put up a post response on LI that the pursuit of RAS larviculture was currently a commercially flawed approach – vannamei larviculture being flow through Galveston – unless the output seed price makes it all worthwhile.

High PL price notwithstanding will hamper growth – unless that price is able to be passed on.

…and why technically make your life harder, with relatively small requirements – due to the density (numbers/litre) – shrimp larviculture facilities are placed conveniently next to high quality seawater sources.

In maturation RAS works extremely well.

In larviculture commercially no-one yet has broken through really in RAS because not really necessary.

Prawnmaster noted that there were probably 5-6 people in Europe who are pursuing RAS in larviculture.

Imagine my surprise when one, whom I considered an advanced player from middle Europe, sent this “anyone who have a reliable RAS hatchery is bullshitting. At least at this moment. It’s true, that is what I am working on, but I am long way from getting right…”

Is it possible that the imported larviculture technology (Galveston/Ecuador) is not correct for inland vannamei RAS?

Actually took Prawmaster back to larviculture in Taiwan – for monodon but also developed at same time.

The Taiwanese larviculture practice of doing Zero water exchange until PL2…

Modified Europe technology.