Prawn – complicated to model and track costs – why?

Well, just look at the classification below.

Shrimp is in a class of it’s own – Malacostraca – Bad cost tracking! :

Domain = Eucarya

 Kingdom = Animalia

  Phylum = Anthropoda

   Subphylum = Crustacea

   Class = Malacostraca

    Subclass = Eumalacostraca

     Superorder = Eucarida

       Order = Decapoda

         Suborder = Dendrobranchiata

          Super Family = Penaeoidea

           Family = Penaeidae

             Genus = Penaeus

              Species = vannamei

Prawnographic – vannamei is farmed across 36 countries.

Vannamei constituted the highest production value of all aquacultured species in 2017, $26.7 billion – $10bn more than the overall value of farmed Atlantic salmon

Here is a great overview report of current state of play in shrimp grow-out globally.