Shrimp industry leading the way in seafood with SOP’s for risk management on transmission of infectious diseases….1993

Use of facemasks and gloves on a shrimp product that is then frozen (first food safety step) and cooked before eating (second food safety step). 1993

Prawn is close to the ideal proto-insect protein source.


What no Prawnographic documentary episode yet? Netflix slow on uptake..

Nice projects if you are interested in fish….but shrimp is the driver

Farmed shrimp, as a global protein and aquaculture driver, is complex but a disruptor to fishing and is a disruptor to tradional and conventional meat protein sector….or, at least, the appetizer.

Foam fractionation on Marine Harvest Taura shrimp farm, Ecuador. 1994

For recirculation on battery of shrimp nursery ponds. US Navy ceramic nano bubble technology. Used to shield submarines from detection….