Sucking prawn heads for the hepatopancreas sulphite and polystyrene microplastics hit…

…but not found in zero discharge shrimp RAS.

Plastic, sunlight, bacteria, prawn – action!

As a soil scientist applying microbial bacterial technology to the marine environment Prawnmaster used old shrimp feed bags (polyethylene) in test shrimp nurseries (pre-criaderos) in Granmar, Ecuador 1984.

Also to emulate Algal Mats in shrimp hatcheries – as a way to increase surface area and biofilms for shrimp grazing.

Vannamei shrimp also grazing biofilms as a useful vitamins and supporting nutrition possibility – at least under SPR technologies – French as opposed to US SPF.

Removal of microplastic and dissolved contaminants from seawater – uses in prawn culture…what else will it remove – bacteria, nitrites?