Prawn aid….an additive process I do declare…

Processing aids versus processing additives in shrimp.

Well processing aids – such as polyphosphate (e451) – is used in whole coldwater prawn to help break down the membrane between shell and meat – but use does not need to be declared.

Contrary to when e451 is used on shrimp meat – with a resultant water pickup and weight gain. Here this is a processing additive – and need to be declared.

Prawnmaster says: Using processing aids and additives are not conducive for producing natural clean deck shrimp…

Train your taste buds on clean deck shrimp…..taste the difference, lay off the red meat and help the environment…

Train your taste buds to like clean deck farmed shrimp…..and lay off a bit on the red meat. Avoid also super highly processed alt meats. Eat clean deck responsibly farmed shrimp – good for the environment AND for your health. An ethical & responsible option.

Whole Foods CEO on plant-based meat boom: Good for the environment but not for your health.

Argentina red shrimp party over as farmed product floods China, European market | Undercurrent News

Reads like Seafood News Media being used to talk down prices from demand side.

As I only do the headline news bit – unless I can get in – then I wonder where the sources are from?

Certainly in Southern Europe if you sold langostinos ( farmed shrimp) as gambas (ocean caught) you would run into severe mislabelling laws and subsequently illegal activities.

While in UK or Northern European jargon “shrimp” is a catchall phrase….rest of Europe bit wiser.

Red Argentinean lies in a complete different segment in the countries where the real volumes move.

….and now with new value added pricessing capabilities and a rapid rise in quality (Pescanova bigotes advertising) USA is a huge potential market…the rest..

….well let them eat cake!

Processing Prawn – flow in the West and the East systems…

In the West (South America) shrimp is hand peeled and then passed to quality control (QC) to review, who evaluate and return if below standard. Peelers get paid on quality and productivity. This process system flow means all product goes through a QC check.

In the East (SE Asia, Indian subcontinent) shrimp is hand peeled with continual review by supervisors overlooking workers. Supervisors prefer speed over quality. This process system flow means NOT all product goes through a QC check.

Some processors in East adopt Western shrimp processing management techniques……as well as HACCP of course.

Controlled study links processed food to increased calorie consumption | EurekAlert!

Interesting. NOVA classification used.

Even frozen & packaged shrimp are processed shrimp – but necessary for safety and preservation.

Ultra processed shrimp are those onwards from peeling and with additive use.

That’s a thought – maybe additives in processed foods causing increased calorie consumption.

Rabobank: China-US trade war to shift reprocessing landscape. But only to other geographical locations?? Here I am thinking opportunity for the rise in robotic seafood reprocessing technology closer to market.

….and yes I would start with shrimp.

Currently very labour intensive, except in cwp.

Catalytic antimicrobial robots for biofilm eradication.

Biofilms are an emerging issue in shrimp processing and in production systems. They can harbor antimicrobial resistant (AMR) bacteria. Methods to control and eradicate need to be looked at.