Controlled study links processed food to increased calorie consumption | EurekAlert!

Interesting. NOVA classification used.

Even frozen & packaged shrimp are processed shrimp – but necessary for safety and preservation.

Ultra processed shrimp are those onwards from peeling and with additive use.

That’s a thought – maybe additives in processed foods causing increased calorie consumption.


Rabobank: China-US trade war to shift reprocessing landscape. But only to other geographical locations?? Here I am thinking opportunity for the rise in robotic seafood reprocessing technology closer to market.

….and yes I would start with shrimp.

Currently very labour intensive, except in cwp.

Catalytic antimicrobial robots for biofilm eradication.

Biofilms are an emerging issue in shrimp processing and in production systems. They can harbor antimicrobial resistant (AMR) bacteria. Methods to control and eradicate need to be looked at.

Robotics in the food industry…of course, value addition in shrimp processing is logical opportunity point.

Water testing for shrimp export processing…

In the shrimp industry water is used in handling and processing post harvest.

Municipal drinking water quality levels are required. Even glaze water which can be up to 30% weight exported needs to be food safety quality. (with no super-bugs).

Shipping water around world needs also to be tackled but that is for another topic.

Standards have metal detectors for master cartons but here is one for checking metals on water used and exported. 

Well shine a “blue” light….on shrimp Staph…..what is current shrimp farming HR standards on worker bacterial infections? Allowing workers to use Chloramphenicol?

Harvesting shrimp in the old days meant getting down and dirty pond side. Rostra punctures and cuts were the norm. These would rapidly get staph infected and workers would wipe eyes, transfer infection etc.

My cure was garlic to clean cuts. But many use chloramphenicol as cheap and very effective. Of course plastic eye drop bottles get chucked….!

Farm HR protocols may not be tight in that aspect of supporting workers in hazardous jobs. Would be interesting to see what standards policies are….

Blue light might work also somewhere in chain…

Link here

New water sterilization process.

Supposed to replace chlorine but more effectively?

Would it work in sterilizing guts of raw whole shrimp? Solve superbug in shrimp problem?

Or for exported water on shrimp glaze (6-30% weight exported).

Link here