Prawn processing in the age of robotics and the new normal…

Untouched by human hands. Zero additives. Buy shrimp heads-on…..

….however CONVENIENCE is a major end consumer requirement and becoming more so across the globe.

It is the major US market shrimp demand pull. It is a North/South European divide.

Unfortunately further processing, such as de-heading, deveining and peeling shrimp brings along it’s own issues – of course firstly, manual handling carries its own human to food safety and, secondly, labor issues – including high risk work environment, low wages, worker exploitation and even cases of slave labor in the associated fish feed industry.

Seek a robotic shrimp de-heading machine and, well, there ain’t any!

BUT hang-on there…….

iRaishrimp S.L., a specialized shrimp aquaculture industry company based in Valencia, Spain, together with local and US partners, have been progressing successfully.

With a prototype built, full tests to be completed end of March 2021 and a priority date obtained on a utility patent filing iRaishrimp S.L is currently seeking a further round of pre-seed investment that would see them through the final development milestones and on to the stage of production of their first commercial inventory. 

Seems like their robotic shrimp de-heading/deveining machine has CIP with UV and washdown capabilities. Further enhancements look to include defect controls, size classification, bespoke robotic tail peeling, and even a steam cook function.

So, if interested, or if network interested, do not hesitate to get in touch :

Fernando Sanchez de Lara –

Joel Raposo –

To be Prawn under a wandering star……shrimp business buys MOWI.

Will salmon giant Mowi ever expand back into shrimp farming? It already was in the sector – during the Taura syndrome time in Ecuador in the 1990’s

Value addition processing was key to increased turnover with a model based on supplying farmers financing via seed and feed – in exchange for finished shrimp.

Farm productivity had plateaued with Taura – Ecuadors export growth only came about by increased hectareages under culture.

Shrimp branding 1993

Marine Harvest International Shrimp Division developed and implemented HACCP system with USFDA support as test bed pre US law.

MHI shrimp also bought value addition work back upstream from BOH US restaurant (e.g. peeling at Red Lobster outlets) to closer to source operations in Ecuador. Better QC, yields at lower costs.

MHI T/O doubled in 2 years. Not from the shrimp aquaculture but from shrimp processing.

Off with their heads – not possible with this Prawn machine…

The History of the Lapeyre Shrimp Peeling Machine – American Shrimp Processors’ Association